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Calgary at night.

I’ve been living in Calgary for almost 6 months and I really enjoy taking walks in Downtown. Everytime I find it ┬ádifferent and interesting. I took a few photos last night ­čÖé


Lion Dance

Last Saturday I had the chance to see the Lion Dance for the first time. It was awesome! This is a traditional Chinese dance performed commonly during New Years and festivals to bring good luck. I really enjoyed it, it was a good experience and fortunately the photos I took added a bit of color to my blog.

Bowness Park

Last weekend the weather was much more friendly and sunny. I decided to go to Bowness Park for the first time and it was amazing! Although I just took a few photographs of the scenery and some portraits of my husband I did enjoy being there. Walking and watching the snowy trees, listening the birds, wondering how the park will look on spring, I have to get back soon!